Sunday, May 26, 2019

Songs for the Soul

As much as I love writing, I have to admit that music has also always been a solace to me. Not in the same way. You won’t find me singing songs with the worship team or sharing my original tunes on YouTube. I have not been blessed with that talent. 

I do; however, love a great song. 

One of the areas I’ve been trying to improve in my faith is the way I worship God. I will never be the person at church with my hands held high, worshiping with all my might. It makes me super self-conscious. I also tend to be the person who sits down at the end of a long day and spends most of my prayer time going through a list of things I need God to fix. That’s a pretty normal thing for most of us. After all, we go to God with problems all the time. 

The issue I had with the way I was approaching it was that God wasn’t truly getting anything from me. Outside of asking him for help, I wasn’t giving him much else. Like an expression of my love and adoration. With everything he does for me, surely I can find a few minutes out of my day to just be thankful. 

I love the worship time at our church. Hundreds of voices singing out to God, proclaiming his glory for all the world to hear. It’s a beautiful sight. While churches will disagree on how that music sounds or what instruments you should use, I think we can all agree that God is worthy of this time. 

I decided to create my own praise and worship time by carving out my commute to and from work as “God and Me” time. Not to pray. I do that at a different time of day. Instead, I put in my mix of favorite songs and sing them to God. Loud and clear. 

The people in the cars around me probably think I am insane. That’s ok. 

People try to call me and talk on the way home from work. I politely decline. Most of them probably were wondering why and will now have some insight after reading this post. Not trying to be rude. It’s just that this time belongs to God. 

The past few months of doing this have not only strengthened my relationship with God, but my attitude is completely changed. I start the day much more positive and less stressed. 

Also, because I am not a talented musician, I find myself amazed at how a complete stranger can put to music exactly what I was wanting to say. 

Here are a few songs that always make me stop and listen:

Even If by Mercy Me 

This became my theme song right after being diagnosed with cancer. It was a time of uncertainty. No one knew how advanced my cancer was. We didn’t have a treatment plan or a prognosis. It was the most terrifying month of my life. Then one day this song came on the radio as I was driving home. I pulled over to have a good cry, and this became my anthem. 

I know You’re able and I know You can 
Save through the fire with Your mighty hand 
But even if You don’t 
My hope is You alone 

Oh My Soul by Casting Crowns 

This song was written by Mark Hall (Casting Crowns) when he was diagnosed with cancer. It’s all about the fear of the diagnosis. Not only fear of the disease itself but of not being in control. It’s the feeling of losing yourself and what you believe in, but then realizing you have to trust God with it in the end. 

Oh, my soul 
Oh, how you worry 
Oh, how you’re weary, from fearing you lost control 
This was the one thing, you didn’t see coming 
And no one would blame you, though 
If you cried in private 
If you tried to hide it away, so no one knows 
No one will see if you stop believing 

Magnify by We Are Messengers 

This song is a great reminder to me that God is in control. He is greater than all my worries. All I do should be used as a way to glorify him and magnify his name. I can’t help but sing along to this one when it comes on. 

God be greater than the worries in my life 
Be stronger, than the weakness in my mind 
Be louder, let your Glory come alive 
Be magnified 

Gracefully Broken by Matt Redman 

I love the message of this song. The idea of giving God all of you, no matter how broken, to do what he wants. It quickly became one of my favorites. 

Here I am, God 
Arms wide open 
Pouring out my life 
Gracefully broken 

Do you have a praise and worship time with God? What is your favorite way to praise him?

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