Wednesday, May 15, 2019


Hi everyone! Welcome to my blog. Before jumping into the nitty-gritty on this blog, I figured we should start by getting to know each other.

My name is Mary Ellen, and I'm not new to blogging. In fact, I've had three blogs in the past. One was more successful than the other two, but I enjoyed doing it. Then life got in the way, as it usually does. Writing took a back seat to work and adulthood.

So why start a new blog now?

I've always loved writing. It's unfortunate that someone who loves to write so much never seems to find the time to do so.  That has been the reality of my everyday life for the last 5 years. In the fall of 2017, my life changed forever when I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. I am now one entire year past treatment and am cancer free. One of my goals of surviving cancer was to get back to writing.

While writing some grandiose novel is the dream of most writers, I'm a little out of practice. What better way to exercise my skills than by starting a blog.

The next question you're probably wondering is where in the world did I get the name?

Well… it describes me. Yes, you heard me. I am a fat, single, Christian chick. As silly as that may sound, I'm not the only fat, single, Christian chick out there. There are many of us.

That wouldn’t be very important, except… the church doesn’t minister to people like me. I’m not talking about me specifically. I’m talking about older singles in general.

Have you ever noticed that most churches struggle to minister to singles? If you are in your 20’s or college age, there is usually some kind of group for you to join. Singles over the age of 50 usually have senior classes that offer support. Those of us in the middle are the forgotten members of the church.

Some of us may be single because we never got married. Some of us may be single because of the death of a spouse or a divorce. Yet, how many sermons have you really heard on singleness? I can count them on one hand.

I won't pretend to be an expert on any topic. In fact, I'm still very new to my faith. Which is a whole other story!

In this blog, I plan to explore the topics that matter most to those of us who are older Christian singles. Of course, I will be doing so with my life experiences, but I hope that my learning can also be yours.